Optima Building Environmental Solutions has over 32 years of experience advising architects and clients on building services technologies that meet their requirements and the latest environmental standards. Using our detailed engineering knowledge, we ensure both your substantial residential and your commercial projects enjoy the best and most efficient power, air and water solutions.

Des Barry says:

"WE UNDERSTAND the role your building plays as a home to those living or working within its walls. Whether it’s for a beautiful family home, office workers or school students, we ensure that every solution we provide reflects your needs and meets the architect's creative demands. It will also comply absolutely to government standards, whilst being fit for use. In short - we make sure your building performs."

In Safe Hands

We apply rigorous methods to meet your energy efficiency demands. We work within the clients' budget to provide the most relevant engineering solutions. We will monitor closely during construction to ensure the quality of installation and setting, to work as smoothly as can be.  Crucially, we deliver the cost and environmental benefits you require.

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